Tuesday, May 15, 2007

when there is no pebble dropped or wind to blow

(this was written by dave but posted by mua)

when you first meet someone you create a perception of them
you perceive who they might be
the strong cheekbones tell you how their ancestors drank pure water and probably farmed leafy greens
wild hair says i got me right where i want me so take me
and wearing anything with beads might say i make a soft noise when i move about in the world because everything else is so loud

so i guess what im trying to say is we per ceived about 15 or 20 people at once in the blacksburg area (were going to keep writing about blacksburg until we move there) and we watched the funny delicate arc of where our perceptions started to where they ended up with just being friends because you realize when you really start to know people you stop perceiving them you just know them youve learned the real things about them and band t shirts and teva sandals and tattoos cease to be anything but handles by which to describe your friends to others to let them hold the feeble perception that you started with

right now nick and i are hammering away at handicapped keyboards in haysi virginia mine happens to be punctuation disabled (thus the lucid and free flowing rainbow which im currently riding) here at the library were flanked by mike and adam who we just met on the road about 10 miles back they are fighting the good fight as well (wind hills joints tendons loneliness country gas station supermarkets)

ill tell you the truth for a little while i was lonely there i think leaving the plush nest of my birthplace struck a sad chord in my heart not to mention that next night we stayed in the weirdest little dead town of Whytheville sneaky camp on a carpet of brown needles in a beautiful grove of dead pines but it sure felt empty i mean nick was a little sad too

next mission when i get back is to fight the tyranny of punctuation

as for all of you
please send things written glued bought sold bartered half eaten
the holes you left in us are curiously mailbox shaped
so fill them

Dave Ulrich
General Delivery
United States Postal Service
9501 S Highway 259
Mc Daniels KY

we should be at this spot in about a week so if you send anything try to have it there by the 21st of May

secret handshakes to you all (different ones)

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