Wednesday, May 2, 2007

setting ships to sail

And we have arrived: The evening before the sending-off of boys to their lessons; before the uncertain launching of ships.

I am writing from Dave's mother's office in New Jersey, the entire day having been devoted to bikes bikes bikes maps bikes, New York having faded, sadly, perhaps only temporarily, into the gray behind us. We leave for Yorktown tomorrow morning, 6ish, the tailend of the witching hour, arriving some time in the afternoon, and, always observers of decorum and ritual, both Dave and I will partake in a ceremonial dipping of our rear wheels into the Atlantic, thus, with yet-un-sunburned faces and wet rubber, beginning our little journey.

We have already set up the first of nine mailboxes along the route, for those among you who would be interested in sending us some tokens of encouragement/love/edibles (potables?). Here is the address information:

Dave Ulrich
General delivery

United States Postal Service
211 N. Reynolds St.
Damascus, VA 24236
(276) 475-3411

We plan to arrive in Damascus around the 11th of May, so it would be best if the packages arrived by May 10th.

More soon. As for now: We have celebratory beers to imbibe....

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heather said...

godspeed my friends. a salute to you both on your journey. . . .do it for dalton. :)