Thursday, May 24, 2007

An open letter to the slightly obese girl who shouted, "Fucking queers!" at us while we were biking by her truck in Springfield, KY

Thank you.


You are the torchbearer! You are our first and favorite!

Everything, finally, is in its right place...

Sincerely spandexed,


heather said...

ahhhh!! hahah! you just made my birthday. hahahahahaha all day now. you rock.

Shankar said...

superheroes wear spandex. you dudes are my heroes. love sv

patty said...

the asshole of the united states. right there. kentucky.

Andrew Rockman said...

This person probably thinks any male that weighs less than her and doesn't require a Humvee to drag their ass around is gay.

Also, please define "slightly" obese. Is that like "almost" pregnant? I guess in KY and other flyover states, these are important qualifiers.

Keep on spinning - BLUE STATES AHEAD!