Sunday, May 20, 2007

berea, jewel of kentucky

Appalachia is almost over, berea our gateway into flatter lands and longer days, our bellies full of organic greens and co-op sloppy joes and black market milk and gallons of ethiopian coffee, our beards coming in slowly, slowly; our legs acclimating to the constant stress, our achilles tendons turning to sand-dusted jello...and we are officially one-sixth of the way done with the trip.

to our new berea friends: thank you. you are glowing, you are warm.


Anonymous said...

Great to talk to you tonite. You guys (don't forget might have been born in B'burg but you were raised in NJ where technically you will always be "You guys"... nothing to be ashamed of!) are True Heroes. Anyway.....I've been shifting steadily from mild jealousy to intense envy regarding the most amazing adventures you are experiencing. Challenges on the homefront include coping with thinning trees (huge sigh!) mounting plaster dust and oh yeah...who's gonna win American Idol (joke....ha ha! And for the record, my boyfriend, GU is totally unconcerned regarding the above's just his shallow and worldly wife who cares) So you can see why this ENVY is on the rise! YET..your extreme adventure fills me with extreme joy too. It truly is a journey of a lifetime and I find my mother-heart swell as I use every possible opportunity to tell everyone, including absolute strangers, that my son (and wonderful co-peddler) is biking across America....oh yeah...I'm a shameless braggart...Hey..It's one way to hitch a ride with you guys ...SO, RIDE ON MY LOVES Momma

Anonymous said...


This is Jim, the Berea guy who's going follow your lead this summer.

Thanks for hanging out. Good times!


Here's my contact info:

polis said...

dave...i have thoroughly enjoyed check ing your blog. it looks like you guys are having a great time. soon you will make the wild west. i was going to send you guys a care package in ky but could nt get it out in time...let me know the next pit stop and i will try to send you guys come treats. lots of luck...avoid the chafe. (easier said than done im sure). good and safe times to you all. checking this blog has inspired me also to start a blog...slow goings on the digital identity. those of us with mild concerns and rabid paranoia try to cover our binary footsteps...anyway...there is nothing personal on it. just my art. well it might interest you as you see the country and the glories of nature...keep on truckin' (or bikin')...
peace. rocky.

Anonymous said...

I just got back from an amazing, intense time in California with loved family members and old friends. And I look upon your journey with fondness -- to traverse the country more slowly and to make new friends along the dusty (or lush) path of choice (or necessity). Well, my friends, spread your spirit and the light of God. May the angels deliver our prayers to you and provide wings upon which to soar.


Anonymous said...

Dave and Nick!
Ahh! Come back! We are all pretty depressed that you're gone, a harsh low following the high ride your fresh air blew in our faces...we all sit around the table poking at our food mumbling the words of candy mountain to try to bring futile solace to each other. its hard to finish the pile of papers, finals, and house cleaning we have to do with all these tears in our eyes...oh but dave, i wanted to give you the link to the intentional communities directory that i was telling you about so you can live out my dreams and tell me how it goes.

miss you fellers -- corrie

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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