Thursday, May 24, 2007

complimentary love letters with each purchase!

we are a small handful of miles from the Illinois border (you know, those 12-mile-handfuls), so i'll make this quick. we love your mail. some of it is edible, but all of it is consumed with primal and ferocious energy. It was yesterday morning that we backtracked the 8 miles to the town of Mc Daniels, KY (long story) to pick up our mail. Over coffees and huge breakfasts at Knotty Pines Restaurant (pronounced "Naughty Pines"), we carefully opened our gifts and it turned our plain jane Southern meals into soul food.

here's the next spot:

Dave Ulrich
General Delivery
United States Post Office
130 Court St.
Hartville, MO

we'll probably be there in around five days.
we're starting to ease into the 80-90 mile days! jip-joe!
this afternoon, we'll get on a ferry in Kentucky, cross the Ohio River, and get off at Cave In Rock, IL. i think it will be a hoot.

love for now,


polis said...

care package away...should be in mo tuesday. enjoy!


Anonymous said...

google is a vundebar thing..... type in dave ulrich and bicycle and wa more phone tag.... what are your thoughts on dave's killer bread and peanut butter....

Anonymous said...

by the's sara

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys....Another package is wending its way towards you are towards it! Hope the choices work....time to post next PO drop! Thanks for calling for our anniversary Dave.You are so sweet.....We had a great day....he's such a great guy....your Dad.. my boyfriend! :) I pray the same blessed wedded life for all three Ulrich men (you too nick!) June (Cookie Lady) wrote to me. She was so happy to tell me how wonderful and appreciative you guys were. She loved you! Apparently...she's been in a ton of pain lately.....spinal arthritis. I sent her WOI which came as a needed distraction. She's been listening to it ( more than once!)so that's nice. WEll....hope the Ozarks are easier than the Blue Ridges....Ride on.....Love you. Momma

Andrew Rockman said...

Dave & Nick,

Where is your next mail drop stop after Hartville, MO?


Anonymous said...

Dang! I'm gonna miss this post office box packageness. But don't worry, I'll make it up twofold for the next one. Double the fun! Double trouble! Miss you guys like it's not even funny. Because it isn't funny. xoxoxoxo! Shaina

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,
Got your package today.....thanks so much for the REAL coffee. I didn't really expect you to send it. :) BYW the chafe there something we should know about this? will we somehow be needing it? or are we holding on to it for another postal drop?
We have your location on the fridge. You need to get the new address up so those who so desire can keep the cards and goodies coming. May the wondrous times continue with each new town.
Love you..........Momma

Anonymous said...

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