Monday, May 7, 2007

private property - ain't no one here but me

well. we're still in Virginia. it sure is beautiful, but it's strange to see that most of the vast land in this state, in this country is owned. Nick and I had our first little rogue campout two nights ago in a meadow that seemed to be part of this huge farm outside of Ashland. We both got a decent sleep, but i had close to twenty dreams - all of them involved the owner of the farmland under our backs. I'll tell you all about them. In the meantime, y'all can dream about my thighs and my bald head.


Anonymous said...

I'll bump into someone I haven't seen for awhile and they'll say, "what are the guys doing?" It's fun to casually remark..."Well, Dave left last week to bicycle across the country" sinks in...."you across the country?" it's fun being the mother of an adventurer. In my minds eye I see the boys.....these two wonder-filled soul mates setting their wills to the blue ridge hills...theighs pushing through, preparing for bigger and better mountains....I pray....I smile and I wish I were on my own bike...riding in the the beauty of the land...grace falling on me warm as the sun...clear as dusk...somewhere...anywhere USA.
Love you guys.....MommaU

Anonymous said...

Nick and Dave!

It makes me incredibly happy to know that the peace and adventuresome spirit you both possess are gracing the lands of our states. If you can make it to San Francisco by the 20th, I'll see you there. ;-)

Pedal a few times for me,