Monday, July 2, 2007

A Short One

We took a day off in Missoula yesterday. Drank too much coffee, saw a movie with our friends Jim and Stephanie, wrote letters at Butterfly Herbs, got a sneak Sunday tour of the Adventure Cycling office from our host Julie (we camped in her yard, God bless her) and today, we're going to Idaho.


virginia said...

Woo Hoo! You guys are entering my favorite territory! I love Idaho! Mmm, please tell me you'll make it up to Glacier, Montana. You'll be glad if you do.

i just discovered your blog. I sure am glad you guys are riding the road of dreams...and thanks for sharing. I'm proud to know ya'll. We sure miss you in Brooklyn, but I wouldn't trade any missing for the wonderful adventure you're having. I'm super jealous, but so happy. Ya'll are heros!

Best of Luck! God Bless and God Speed!

Love- Virginia

Rebecca said...

As soon as I heard mention on Idaho, I envisioned two old potatoes careening about with reckless abandon. But I don't think a potato could get into spandex.

Have fun! We're thinking about you here on the former home front.

Sean said...

Dudes, your thighs look great.