Thursday, July 5, 2007


Today in Riggins, Idaho, it is 100 degrees. haha. so hot that you feel hot on your skin when you ride your bike. So it's perfect that we're riding into the area on the Idaho/Oregon border called "hells canyon". It's going to be great. We caught Paul Sellers...the elusive Brit who started in Yorktown just two days before us. Met him in Missoula and we'll probably finish out with him. In fact, we'll probably ride into Astoria, Oregon with Paul's severed head on a flagpole, mounted on the back of nick's bike. Sort of a totemistic gesture...we just love him so darn much.
We've still got 34 miles of grunting in this severe heat to get to New Meadows tonight. Tomorrow, we bust into Oregon. Nick bought a gun at the supermarket in Grangeville so we could shoot something as we cross the border. Just kidding i guess.


angie said...

wow those trees are gorgeous.
I hope you learned about the nighthawk.
I may have been too late.

Heidi & Liz said...

no, not paul's head! stop at the oregon trail interpretive center outside baker city if you get a chance - it's really cool. you can see the ruts from the many wagons all around it.

Antigone said...

Pacific Time Zone! Wooee!

Anonymous said...

HeyGuys it's me...momma U.

Looking for a date for the last postal drop. so sorry I missed the last one. Can't believe you're almost done....AMAZING
Love you,
Momma U

Anonymous said...

i have no nails left.... the anticipation is killing me... amazing men accompolishing amazing feats of fortitude. All of the admiration i have is funneled in your directions. Soon.....