Tuesday, July 17, 2007

a seat in the crook of the arm of the tree

i just picked three baskets of raspberries. where could i be?

For our last night of camping, Drew, Kevin, Heather and Ryan drove down from Seattle to meet us in Ranier, OR. Guitars and beers and everything and love and we ended up circled around the campfire in our sleeping bags. Yesterday, after a long breakfast we left for Portland. The last 50 miles of the whole trip. Four hours later, i found myself ordering another americano from Stumptown...beauty. Right now i'm with my oldest and dearest - sara - and her youngest and dearest - elynore - picking raspberries in a drizzly backyard in Vancouver, Washington. We still have Paul Sellars for a couple more days. Tonight we will doff fine beers with moustachioed Paul Hegland...a new friend with whom we had the pleasure of finishing our journey. Last night we clinked glasses with my old freund Ani, who is the original Portland-carrot-dangler, whose talk of fountains of beer and mountains of green pulled me through the long dry legs of Wyoming.

My hands are still numb.

My bike has lost 70 pounds.

I've probably gained a few.

I was just handed a big mug of tea and a bowl of cherries.

I'm probably the luckiest man on earth.

We both still have beards.



Anonymous said...

that's my homeland. where rasberries used to grow so wild and thick that I could sell them for 25 cents a mason jar, off the side of road, that is if a car ever did come. there's nothing quite like a sweet rasberry in your mouth. Nothing quite like it.

Matty U! said...

Awesome, guys!
Y'all are the tops.
Great to find such a paradise at the end of a long journey.
Живели! Živeli!
Matty U!

Jonathan said...

I'm so glad you're not dead. And I can't believe you didn't make it Seattle in time to see me.

Shankar said...

really beautiful to have shared this a little with you guys through this webby window. I toast you!

Antigone said...

Who is this Paul Hegland, and why does he have my last name??? Can you ask him if he's related to me? Please!

Anonymous said...

What, no raspberries in New Jersey? Lots of basketball playing, though. Thanks for your patience with Sarah--she is still talking about her "baskets"!!! We will miss you--I know I do--so please, please keep in touch. You are fantastico and love to your mom.

si Do'