Thursday, June 14, 2007

great stories of gold (or "how the west was won on twenty dollars a day")

nobody told us that living in denver is so easy. we've been here a couple days, and i think we'll stay a couple more. nick and i spent the morning searching for the shrouded face of old ghost bum moriarty, rubbernecking larimer and colfax in the spirit of kerouac. walls of alleyways worn from the eternal sunk shoulder blades of the same forever bums, tucked in on summer afternoons. our eyes trace the shell of man from the gray toes peeking from decades old and grinning tennis shoes to the breeze of sleep, parting the years of beard beneath the nostrils. ballin that jack, crosslegged, digging picnic girls in the grass on lincoln.

we haven't checked the weather since sunday. we've walked miles of city sidewalk and spent too much on coffee...real coffee. we haven't rubbed chamois butt'r or sunblock on anything for what seems like an eternity. and the kitchen...four whole burners and miles of counter space... i'm becoming an expert flapjack flipper and general breakfast guru (having sampled pancakes in every small town for the last 2400 miles). i've also managed to lose weight. 8 or 9 hours a day on a bike matched with voracious gluttony has somehow reduced my figure to an all-time slight. gary says i'll gain it right back, though. right away.

the real thing the real question is "where will we land?" that is what we talk about and that is what we think about when we're not talking. "land" in the long run. there is land...dirt separated by water and we'll be somewhere between two bodies...sometime...and there is the gentle fall that we feel as the slow hands of days somersault away. we will be put somewhere by time...talking about it is just like talking about someone you don't see anymore or like truly beleiving that you remember particular serves from a certain match of the women's french open, watched from a motel room with three beds in Great Bend, Kansas as the screaming wind outside carries sand and pebbles for several city blocks at a gust.

you can see what kind of refreshing clarity denver is bringing us. denver is a hoot.
tonight, we're going out to dinner with danielle and rachel.

love dave

...we lose weeks like buttons, like pencils. -Dave Eggers


rachel said...

gain memories like pennies, remembered scents.

emily august said...

hey dave. this is emily. allison pointed me in the direction you're heading here. i'll keep checking in.

see you in portland.

Anonymous said...

we don't know eachother..

but you two are the most amazing and interesting people i have had the pleasure of reading about. be safe and keep it up!


rachel said...

oh, and where to with the post post-wyoming?

Anonymous said...

yo. i can't believe it's already june and that you're already in colorado. your spirits keep jumping over states and signs and countryside. we'll say a little prayer for you tonight. love and blessings as always, rachel mcc-sandemus.

Anonymous said...

It is me Alex again. Things here are great. You look like you are having a lot of fun. You travled a lot since the last letter. My and your mom said you got bit by a dog. I bet it was painfull. Well I have to leave and I might make a Myspace. So if you have one you can find me under the name Ganshu the water god. but not yet. I might change it to rock god instead of water. Just in case. Love Alexander your nephew.

Robyn said...

Great work.