Friday, June 1, 2007

visions! colors! small points of light!

No time to wax romantic! We've miles to ride! In the meantime, some eyecandy:

Entering Misery:

Our dear German friend, Walli (Klaus to be pictured soon!):

Gary (aka Gare-bear):

Robert! Diener! From Berlin!:

Chester, IL, birthplace of Popeye:

Mother-effing PONY, the ruler of everything:


Shankar said...

hahha.. wet willie.

pete said...

you call those beards? "My First Beard by Hasbro".
miss you dave... eat something will you! you look like death! also - where's the Good Time? alright, make sure you get back to the east coast alive buddy.


Brian said...

yeah as pete said. weak beards. ha! mines still goin strong..

much love, b.jones

Anonymous said...

Did not notice the beard but, man, did I notice your freckles.
Missing you lots and enjoying reading all about your trip.
Hafa Adai
Si mama