Saturday, June 2, 2007

everybody knows it's loads of fun


We've arrived at one of the most ill-hyped states that we will cross. Horror stories abound and i feel a tightening in my chest. Nick is sneezing. Gary's bike is broken and the folks at Tailwinds Cycles (Pittsburg, KS) are on lunch break. Oh dear. Only one thing to do, however. Just put my head down and push through it, singing Sam Cooke into the wind and chewing gum in rhythm with my pedaling. I don't think it will actually be that bad....i mean, it's flat.

Last night, we stayed in Golden City, MO. We were very excited about this stay because our map listed the "Golden City Bike Hostel", which we envisioned, of course, as a glistening oasis of bike-friendliness. A place where the sweet old ladies would be awaiting our arrival with steaming trays of muffins and crowds of delicious microbrews peering out of golden ice buckets. But i called ahead and the slow friendly drawl on the other end answered "Wyatt Funeral Home". Needless to say, we made a beeline for the pavilion in the city park, as the clouds wrinkled their dark brow for the second downpour of the day. But we didn't "build the house" (klaus putting up his tent) without going to Cooky's first. This is an old-timey cafe whose name reverberates in the ears of cyclists within a 100 mile radius. This was a place that was worth all the hype and more. After a delicious early dinner, we went and set up camp, waited a few hours, then went back for pie. Dutch Peach, Dutch Cherry, Dutch mixed berry, and German Chocolate - all a smashing i think yesterday's dutch crusts may be the only things thrusting us towards Kansas against our wills. Now it's off to Walnut, KS, without our dear travelling companion of the last week, Gare Bear.

So long friends. I dream of New York streets and fine coffees, but we are persevering. Colorado will be good!



Jess said...

Hey guys! hope all is well. I've left Berea and me and eagle are currently chillin in Boulder, CO, the most bike friendly place in the country. We've been here for probably 20 minutes and seen, no joke, 100 cyclists. You should come here. It's rockin. We're staying in Rocky Mountain National Park and climbed Estes Cone this morning, an 11,006 foot peak. And man it was beautiful. So cold though! Road trippin is goin well. We keep hoping we'll run into ya'll cause we're on the backroad highways but, alas, we skipped out on Kansas and went through Nebraska, a fine choice indeed! We missed out on a shit ton of rain and a couple of tornadoes. Night before last we were in Medicine Creek State Recreation Area in Nebraska and the night before, our first stop, in Weston, MO, where we tasted the finest irish cream ale ever brewed. Ok. That's all we've got. Camille is in NYC, Simone in Maryland soon, and Corrie in Philly, of course. Keep in touch.
Best wishes,

polis said...

dave...continued good luck thru ks. keep posting, this vicarious experience is as close as i will probably get to the great plains. wishes of success and cool dry conditions (and no big hills). hope the care package found you well...keep on truckin.

dane said...

dudes, (one of whom I do not know, but wish to meet) seems like things are running smoothly apart from the odd flat tire. I eagerly await your arrival in Seattle, the new batch of ginger beer is brewing away in the closet (I think I worked out the kinks this time, we'll see). So anyway, thought i'd put up a "good luck, keep your eye on the ball" message to yall.

good luck, keep your eye on the ball


Anonymous said...

Dave...fear not....remember your roots....Kay Weber Sillaway born...Ellinwood KS is looking down on you and will be your guardian angel as you pedal through her state. Also, there is the constant protection of the God of the Universe, "Who rejoices over you (and Nick) with singing": Remember also....Kansas is where Dorothy found the yellow brick road....It's gonna be'll see.
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Keep your chins up and your heads down - I'm visualizing you infront of the "Welcome to Colorado" sign.

We're topping off a care package - what do you need?


Camille said...

yo homeboys!
i'm in Wadhams! NY.
and terribly homesick.
Just wanted to say hello and how jealous I still am of you guys.
take care.


Sabina said...

Let this be the worst of it for the both of you! Brother feared the plains of Kansas would a heartbreaker but you're onto new states soon!
Hope you liked Mom's snickerdoodles and Nick, we're trying to continue to help your battle of pollen and everything else that's attacking your sinuses/senses (eyedrops working?).
I'm in Maui for work and missing everyone but enjoying the sun and beach. Will be home on the 15th and will send some yummy macadamias your way.
Love and miss you so much -