Thursday, June 7, 2007

the road to lo-rad

Well then. Two inordinately long posts, followed by this: A quickie. Just to give adequate heads-up to the six of you who actually read this, our next postal stop after Pueblo:

Dave Ulrich
General Delivery

United States Postal Service
106 5th St.
Rawlins, WY 82301

As I mentioned in my last post, we'll be taking a detour from the route to spend a few days "vacationing" in Denver (indoor pool! hot tub! seriously!), so we expect to be in the greater Rawlins area around the 19th. Mothers take heed: Energy bars and scented stationery are needed!


Amos said...

Nick -- Lookin' a little like Roy Batty with that collar. And the hat, I wore that exact cap when we cycled through Ireland, scary! Wait, did Michael send that to you?!

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,
Momma here. I was wondering....since you still have GareBear with you could you get him to take a pic of you both ON THE ROAD.....Don't get me wrong...I love the two of you holding up state signs (you're both so strong!) but it sure would be great to actually get a shot with you ON YOUR BIKES - IN ACTION....Nick..Dave will tell you how he's scarred for life due to my obsession with pic opportunities(we've got a good shrink all lined up) and look at me....2000 miles away and I'm STILL trying to get that perfect photo....Trust is a needed thing. You won't regret this. Oh and as the old Irish Blessing goes,"May the road rise to meet you....may the wind BE AT YOUR BACK" how apropos! never really thought about it...
Love you both.

Shaina said...

Holy balls you're almost to Colorado. Land of ski lifts and hot cocoa! But in the summertime, a nice vacation for you both. I am so happy you have this site so I can (somewhat) obsessively see what you're up to as I am having withdrawals...more letters and some energy bars to follow. XOX.

brenna wade said...

how are those friendship bracelets coming along?

Heidi & Liz said...

hope the kansas winds die down a bit on your last days here! i'm glad you three came through Newton - i had fun hanging out. Now Liz is off for Bike Across Kansas and I'm left in Newton, scheming for my next trip...


heather said...

aw guys. i've got a few tears in my eyes. thankyou for these posts. fills me with spirit and inspiration. much love and sundust to you both.