Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I don't know "no"

i can get my mouth into that round shape, i can blow a smoke ring (...probably still can), i can whistle like a lonely bandit, but it's the word. stringing together those little letters goes beyond my verbal motor skills. i suppose it's about love, right? it's about sleep and love. or sleep versus love, rather.

anyways, this trip is about "no". if i have anything to do with navigation, we will actually write that elusive word across the country. tracing a grand loop from jersey up to michigan, out to kansas, down to tennessee, back up to jersey, then a curlicue-connector up toward indiana, then diving down to texas only to turn our noses north for the giant horseshoe up to montana, ending up in new mexico. the US could certainly use a little dose of negation. i'm sure charles ray agrees.

addendum: perhaps i've been living under the locational curse of the double negative. Brooklyn, New York contains my new mantra twice! Mystically, linguistically, this could be responsible for my gap-toothed and grinning lexicon.

PSS - New Orleans and New Mexico are high in the running for places to settle with North Dakota leading by a final furlong.


Brendan said...

found this blog from myspace. ahh, new mexico. skies that will never end, and in the winter the snow falls and is white the whole season long.

ms julie said...

hi hi! new orleans is your #1?! and you kids aren’t riding through?? do let me know if you change your mind… know a fantastic host/tour guide… and what is going off with your send off? will there be a ticker-tape parade of some kind?? xoxo