Monday, April 9, 2007

I believe in you. Your magic is real.

Kasey messaged me yesterday--she of the beautiful golden locks and lilting voice and curving-down-at-the-ends smile. Her message spoke of love interests and Louisville and Lawrence and potential leaving. And horoscopes. This was mine for yesterday:

For the future **
This can be a time of very successful energetic activity, if you proceed cautiously enough. You may be infected with an unjustified optimism that anything you do today will "turn to gold." It may, but it won't happen by luck. It will happen through intelligent planning and foresight, which are available to you under this influence if you make a conscious effort to take advantage of them. You act for the future under this influence, because you are more concerned with what can be done than with what is. Therefore this is a good time for furthering new projects. But do not overextend yourself and go beyond your resources, which is another temptation now. Also your fondness for taking risks can lead to accidents at this time, so be careful. You are not unlucky, you are just somewhat impulsive.**

I am not much one for horoscopes or psychics or any such foretelling of futures. I look to them as I look to magicians. Or prophets. Or religion in general. With a sort of aloof suspiscion, coupled, almost always, with a suspended disbelief, a desire, however remote, for it to be real: A child watching a woman being cut in half; white rabbits materializing from nothing, emerging shyly from black hats; prophesies dealt from mountaintops.

Mostly I just think horoscopes are fun. And sometimes, strangely accurate.

A good time to be planning a bike trip across the country, hm?

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