Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Avatars! Bicycles!

How many online personas is one allowed to have? I say...THREE:


And then, of course, this blog that you're reading. That makes three. Like the heads of Cerberus! Like the eyes of Shiva! Like the Kings of Orient!

This is, of course, the beginning. The First. When I conceived this blog, I had thought it would be a sort of online personal literary journal, a site on which to dump my random thoughts and poetic fancies and minor moments of epiphany. But these things often become much more than they had intended to become; now, with May fast approaching, this blog will be documenting my somewhat-poorly-informed decision to quit my job, move out of my comfortable Williamsburg apartment and tread the country lengthwise. On bicycle.
Things to expect:
  • photos of me on my bike, pretending not to pose but angling my face slightly--just slightly--so as to expose my best side to the camera
  • photos of passing landscapes, perhaps beautiful, perhaps not
  • photos of my friend and biking partner, Dave, who may or may not be wearing bike shorts
  • thoughts on love and relationships
  • humorous anecdotes relating to the soreness of butts and, for the sake of transparency, chaffing
  • completely unnecessary biking-journey-as-metaphor-for-life rants
  • thoughts on neglected hygiene
  • reflections on being hurt
  • reflections on hurting others
  • sex tip of the day
  • just kidding
  • general zen excogitations
As you can see, there is much to look forward to. What's more: this blog is really not just my little project. It is to be collaborative! Together-wrought! Like braided bread. The inimitable Dave Ulrich will be contributing some thought of his own. He will also probably be writing haikus, which you should look forward to.

To drawing from deep wells!

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Mrs. Ham said...

Nick! You have given me opportunity to use one of the phrases I hate the most in all of language.

Welcome to the blogosphere.

Now I feel like an idiot. Thanks.